ACManoa is moving to Discord

 · 1 min read

This Friday, we will be migrating from Slack to Discord. Our Slack community has grown to almost 200 users, and we are very excited to see the community grow even more on Discord!

We love Slack, but it’s just not built for huge online communities. It is quite lacking in some areas: no message history, lack of space for uploads, and no grouping of people.

Discord, on the other hand, was specifically built for huge online communities. It includes an unlimited number of users, unlimited file uploads (with a per-file size limit), unlimited message histories, and really great moderation and spam filtering features. It also includes voice chat, which will make for an even more engaging community experience.

On Friday, we will announce the new Discord link via Email, and we welcome the entire ICS community to join! We will preserve Slack for now to ensure a smooth migration, but all ACM announcements and communication will be moving to Discord starting this Friday.

We cannot wait to welcome everyone to our new Discord! Stay tuned, and don’t fail your finals.



PS: Here’s an invitation link