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The Grey Hats are a group focused towards cybersecurity at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Who are the Grey Hats?

The Grey Hats is a student-led, extracurricular organization focused on real-world training for cyber defense. Membership gives students an outstanding opportunity to learn and apply critical skills, attack and defend systems, and to network with others interested in modern security issues.

Who is welcome?

Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of skill level.

What do we do?

We mainly compete in Capture the Flags (CTFs) & Cybersecurity focused competitions. Two of the main competitions we participate in are National Cyber League and the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.


Chad Morita

Chad Morita

Grey Hats President

Patima Poochai

Patima Poochai

Grey Hats Vice President

Gerald Lau

Gerald Lau

Grey Hats Faculty Sponsor

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